ScienzImpresa approda al MakerFaireRome - The European Edition 4.0 - V edizione in supporto al Gruppo di Fisica Solare (Solar Physics UTOV) dell' Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata per parlare del telescopio di prossima generazione European Solar Telescope - EST.

Stand A9 (pav. 6)

We will present the 3D model with augmented reality video of the EST (European Solar Telescope). EST will be the largest European telescope dedicated to the study of our star: the Sun. The project involves 21 scientific and industrial institutions from 15 different European countries. The Sun is the star at the heart of our Solar System. Without its energy, complex life could not exist on Earth and its influence has consequences for satellites and technological infrastructures. The aim of the EST project is to build in the Canary Islands (Spain) the largest European solar telescope, to perform observations of the Sun with the highest resolution ever achieved.

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